Queer + Black


Grove is a Bristol-based artist, DJ and producer. Their debut EP 'Queer + Black' is an exploration of identity, both personal and political - a deft combination of sharp hooks and splintering beats beamed in from a club in 3021 AD. It is a fierce opening statement from an artist that brings a unique energy to their personal experiences of sexuality, society and race, all within the space of 5 exhilarating tracks.


Robbie & Mona

Robbie & Mona is couple-duet, William Carkeet and Eleanor Gray, who have found a surreal creative outlet making their gorgeous scrap-book glitch pop with each other. Their debut album ‘EW’ experiments fearlessly with sonic textures and song structures, expertly toeing the line between deep emotional resonance and alienating disarray.

St8 Acting


A performer, an entrepreneur, and now a religion∗, Lynks is set for world domination. Written on the long walk home from a sweaty, sticky, sexually-predatory straight-club, ‘Str8 Acting’ is a frenetic deconstruction of club music, all held together by Lynk’s urgent confessions. The track has since been re-released, but we are proud to have started the label with such a bang.

∗ disciples include Elton John